Functional Nutrition

What’s Right?

Nutrition is a critical aspect of our health. 

The biggest challenge for many people is, “What really IS good nutrition?”  There’s so much information out there about this diet or that diet.  What to eat and what not to eat.  The truth can be really hard to unearth. 

So what is the truth?  Every Body is unique!  What might be right for your best friend could be causing indigestion (or worse!) for you. 

We take a detailed approach to learn about your body’s needs and create the right nutritional plan for your body.  Your customized nutritional plan removes barriers to healing and allows you to heal from the inside-out, the way you were designed.

If you want help learning what’s Right for Your Body, give us a call or email us.  We’re experts in customizing nutritional plans and helping you Reach Your Potential.

Why Is It Important?

What you put in your mouth is the foundation for all the building blocks in your body. 

There are two ways what you put in your mouth negatively affects how your body functions – toxicity and deficiency. 

If what you’re eating (or drinking or the pills you’re taking) is toxic to your body, then it’s directly interfering with how well you’re functioning.  If the food you’re eating lacks the building blocks or nutrients to support your body, then you’re nutrient deficient. 

Toxicity and deficiency also cause your body to function poorly and feel bad, such as… your 3pm slump (or your all day slump), your brain fog, your brittle hair and nails, your thyroid problems, your hormone issues, your IBS, SIBO, or diverticulitis… just to name a few. 

Changing what you put in your mouth is one of the fastest ways to jumpstart your healing process.

That’s why we offer Functional Nutrition.

If you’re concerned about toxicity or deficiency, give us a call or send us an email.  We’re experts in discovering these challenges and customizing nutritional plans to help you Reach Your Potential.